International Trade Consulting (Export and Import)

C&M Group is a close-knit team of skilled and proactive Project managers and Inside Sales with strong marketing credentials, solid commercial background and proven experience in international business development. We support our clients by offering representation services, working under their name and on their behalf in order to establish and/or reinforce their presence in the target markets and ensure the success of their products in Europe and Asia.

If you want to improve your sales, get privileged access to big retail chains or extend your distributors network in Europe and Asia, C&M Group can definitely help you to open new sales channels, acquire customers and find distributors / retailers / wholesalers.From the moment we start working with you, you get direct access to markets, and our C&M Group’s dedicated team works together with our associates. To our clients we will function as your office, to you we operate as your partner!

Thanks to our sales force of experienced professionals and to our large and customized database we can offer you full-service support, including:

                            - Sales,
                            - Market Research,
                            - Marketing,
                            - Logistics,

                                        -Compliance of all Export Regulations,
                            -Trade Finance

To get you new clients we set up a range of commercial and marketing-related activities, such as:

                            -Lead Generation,
                            -Lead qualification,
                            -Setting ups sales calls,
                            -Setting up visits to qualified contacts

At C&M Group, we have extensive experience in a wide range of products in the Retail and Consumer goods Industry, as well as an extended network of relationships with wholesalers, distributors, retailers, decision makers and key players in several European and Asian countries.Together with you and according to your needs and requirements we arrange directs contacts and meetings with specific sales partners like mass market retailers, distributors, buying groups and specialty dealers. Our services are tailored on your needs.

Moreover, we can provide you with organizational and logistical assistance when attending international events and trade shows, and a wide range of related marketing and communications services (cold calling, setting up of business meetings, lead follow-up).In a few words, we can set up, run and expand your European and Asian activities by operating on your behalf, under your name as your "European office" or your “Asian Office”.

What is also very interesting and part of our business model is that, to let you discover our services and the way we work, we propose a 4-months Introduction Program, which goal is to let you familiarize with the market and its sales potential. The program will allow you to get all the critical information you need to decide if the countries you are interested are strategic and convenient for your products. More, after the Introduction Program you are free to decide to continue working with us in your european/asian expansion or not: there are no long terms obligations or liabilities, and costs are controlled.

To avoid misunderstandings, please note that we are not independent sales reps, C&M Group is a business development agency, which means that we do not work only on sales commission basis but we charge a monthly fee which covers the expansion project costs. Anyway, our pricing is adapted to meet each customer’s needs, and prices are calculated on the basis of several factors. Moreover, working with us means that you just don’t need sales agents in the target countries, as we do all the work for you, from market analysis to sales generation!

During our first four months together, we will:

       1. Set up your European/Asian sales agent office and team,
       2. Perform extensive market analysis,
       3. Generate and qualify appropriate leads,
       4. Set up sales calls and road trips so that you can connect with  vendors and clients who                                                                               might best benefit from your business offerings.

After this period, you should have a clearer picture of your market potential in Europe, Asia and know who the key industry players there. Thanks to this information, you’ll be able determine which next steps best suit your European and Asian expansion plans.Bottomline, if you are looking for a market in Europe and Asia, you will need a valuable partner to reach your goals, which is exactly who we are!

Our team at C&M Group consists of:

1.John Hutchinson:

John is an exceptional executive achieving measurable success within the consumer products industry. He is recognized for successfully building both domestic and international operations. John manages full P&L responsibility within multi-channel product distribution, marketing and services groups, enhancing profit for blue-chip and developing companies. He is a results focused, decisive leader, having proven success identifying new and strategic market positioning for multi-billion dollar FMCG manufacturers and B2B&C & licensing operations. John has an impeccable track record of growing sales and increasing bottom line in 110 countries while leading operational improvements to productivity and significant cost reductions.
                                             He has generated new product development and investment for start-ups and conglomerates in Asia, USA and Europe. This includes FMCG Distributor selection, qualification, management plus direct marketing analysis and product management.

 2.Bharat Manghnani:

Bharat has over 40 years of management experience in the consumer products arena and owned and operated an import/export business. Most recently he was the Managing Director of his own import/export firm supplying duty free products to the diplomatic corps. In 1989, he was appointed Diplomat of Liberia and served in that role until the beginning of the Liberian civil war in 1991. Bharat’s areas of expertise include contract negotiations, business plan development, strategic planning, marketing and sales, international trade, and wholesale operations. He is also a certified Global Business Professional accredited from NASBITE International.
 3.Myra Segoria:

Myra has worked with Bharat in his previous international trade organization for 30+ years. She has all the expertise required in export compliance. She is an export rules regulation expert and used to handle all the operations work behind export trade for Mr. Bharat. She is also undergoing a certification in this field although she is definitely qualified for any international trade challenge that comes her way.